My Attempt to become a Master Chef with the Whirlpool Jet Chef

Jeremy decides to turn up the heat with his cooking ambitions.

I tend to liken cooking to singing. Anyone can do it, but it takes some skill to be good at it. I am not good at cooking. Yeah, I can whip up a steak, fry some eggs, and make the odd exotic meal (and by exotic, I mean: fancy ones with sauce), but I’m not particularly inventive and creative when it comes to the culinary arts.

This is mainly due to the lack of tools and fear of turning my kitchen into a flaming crime-scene.

However, I do still want to unleash my inner Gordon Ramsey (minus all the verbal abuse and what-not). So, a friend of mine suggested checking out the Whirlpool Jet Chef – a Swiss army knife of cooking appliances, if you will. So, I got my hands on one.

Whirlpool Jet Chef

First off, it is an awesome piece of equipment. Not only does it have some seriously impressive features, but it’s a glorious looking machine. A clean, simple, and stylish design meant that it slotted nicely into my kitchen without looking too out of place and showing my incompetency in the kitchen.

In action, the oven heats up in less than 5 minutes and the temperature is always reliable. This is a game-changer, as you don’t have to incorporate that mom-like forward-planning into your life to turn the oven on hours in advance to ensure you always have a home-cooked meal. Chicken, chips, cakes, and even yorkshire puddings were tested on the cooking function. All turned out excellently.

Pizza Jet Chef

The microwave bit is as good as any microwave, and the crisp function is just brilliant, allowing you to give that pizza from last night a second (crispy) wind. It can also do things like hash browns, onion rings, chicken nuggets, fishfingers, anything you would normally grill or fry on the crisp plate fat free.

The steamer is great too, allowing those who want some steamed veggies or fish to whip them up with ease, and in half the time.

It’s hard to fault the Jet Chef. Yes, it is a little bulky, even though it does have a fantastic design. But the different cooking options have changed the way I cook completely, and it also reheats food safely with the 6th sense technology. It gives so much versatility that you may find yourself neglecting your normal oven, plus it has helped cut down energy usage, which is always a win.

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