MRP Launches Awesome New 70s-Inspired Men’s Items

Spring is almost here (awww yeah) which means that spring fashion is now making its way into stores.

Mr Price is doing some pretty great campaigns and lines lately, and one of the newest additions to the MRP range is the 70s throwback items for the guys (and girls) of SA.

The new collection comes ahead of the turn of Spring, getting everyone excited for some warmer weather and brighter colours to help leave winter as a thing of the past.

There is a distinct modern cut and fit to the new men’s shirts, although they do carry that 70s flair and flamboyancy in their colours and designs.

Some vivid printed shirts are available, but there’s also the more vintage look for those searching for a more subtle look this Spring, such as the good ole faithful baseball or grandpa t-shirt.

The shirts are priced from R39.99 to R89.99.

MRP 3 MRP Spring 1

As for kitting out those meat-pins, MRP has some great denim joggers to match the bright shirts, but, of course, the always-fashionable skinnies are on offer too.

Most joggers and jeans are priced from R119.99 to R199.99.


All these items are available in store now so head through to shop these picks and more in stores and online through the MRP online store. Plus, watch out for more spring fashion hitting stores in August!



  1. james

    July 29, 2015 at 17:45

    Some rad t shirts but ive got a bone to pick with Mr P. After reading the article with the tracksuit pants i went out and bought 3 pairs of them, all the same size, just different colours but they all fit completely differently???????????

  2. jhb_boet

    July 29, 2015 at 17:48

    The 1970’s is possibly the worst look for men. It didn’t look good on my dad and because I pretty much got all his genes it will not look good on me

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