Men’s Hair Loss Might Be a Thing of the Past with ‘hims’ Handy Kits

hims hair product

A serious game-changer in the men’s haircare market has emerged!

Unfortunately for a lot of guys nearing roughly 35, and sometimes quite a bit younger, hair loss becomes a considerable bother. Luckily, the amount of research going into initiatives to combat hair loss keeps increasing, and the potential to remedy a specific problem is becoming more and more dependable.

Since hair loss in guys can have a range of different causes, it’s a little tricky to try and self-diagnose and reliably identify the right way to treat your own hair-loss. Having an expert give their analysis and opinion is still the best way to go.

Thankfully, for a lot of guys’ wallets (and hair lines), hims is offering an approach that provides the expert opinion aspect, but closer to the price of over-the-counter medical treatments.

Hims hair products

The first step is to complete a set of simple questions that will determine the appropriate treatment for your hair loss, and hims then offers packaged monthly bundles with all the items needed to address that specific cause. Their Complete Hair Loss kit combines shampoo, FDA approved medication, topical solutions, and vitamins to address and reverse numerous aspects of men’s hair loss.

Best of all, it’s only $5 (around R66) for the first month and $44 (around R580) each month following, taking the majority of the hassle and cost of doctor’s appointments out of the equation and keeping our hairlines healthy!

If you’re interested in starting a subscription head over to their site!

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