It’s That Time of Year Again — Oktoberfest is Here!

Oktoberfest schwaben brau

Hold my beer!

There are plenty of great events always happening around Europe and at the moment you won’t find many more popular and enjoyable than that of Oktoberfest. The world’s biggest beer festival takes place each year in Munich and more than 6 million visitors from all over the world flock to this great city to soak in this 16 day long event. Oktoberfest is in full swing and isn’t set to end until the 3rd October meaning that there is still plenty of time to be able to head off to join in the party at the Bavarian celebration.

Oktoberfest is by no means a new concept and the event itself has been held annually in Germany since 1810 and even though there are plenty of other Oktoberfest events held around the world each year this is the official celebration and it’s truly like no other. Nearly 8 million litres of beer was drunk at last year’s event and this could even be surpassed this year by the end of the festival. Aside from drinking there is plenty of Bavarian culture to soak up as well as foods and parades and other entertainment to enjoy along the way.

The event commences with a whole procession of participating breweries and restaurateurs who are paraded through the streets in carriages and on specially created floats. The parade is accompanied by various bands and other musical entertainment that will also feature during the 2-week event. Whilst the parade itself kicks things off in Munich it’s not officially open until the city’s lord mayor taps the very first beer barrel at 12:00 midday. It’s this event followed by a dozen gunshots fired from the stairway at Ruhmeshalle that declares the festival’s opening and gives notice for all the other beer tents and breweries to begin serving drinks.


Breweries looking to be part of the event must adhere to the Reinheitsgebot (the German Beer Purity Law) in order to be able to participate at Oktoberfest. All their beers must also be brewed in Munich’s city limits in order to conform to the festival rules. There are currently 6 different breweries who have all met the relevant conditions in order to be allowed to brew at the event and each of which you’ll be able to enjoy if you happen to be lucky enough to attend this year.

According to the Europalace Oktoberfest facts there are some very interesting things found at the festival that have been left in lost property over the years which we think just goes to prove how much beer one might be consuming at the event in order to simply forget about these particular types of items. Some of the things found apart from the usual selection of hand bags, cases, mobiles phones, jewellery and various passports, over a thousand in fact, there have been a number of more truly bizarre items showing up in lost and found. There have been false teeth, wedding rings, hearing aids, a pencil-shaped tombstone and even a Segway.

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