HG For Bros Is Looking Out For The Lads With Some Awesome New Products

HG for Bros moustache wax

Check out HG For Bros interesting lineup of skincare products targetted specifically at men.

When looking after your skin and body as a man, you want the entire experience to be as easy and simple as possible, and HG For Bros is aiming to help get your grooming up to scratch with minimal stress.

HG for Bros provides personal grooming products for men that enhance overall well-being and help get the most out of your day.

Some of the products include a moustache wax (to style that upper-lip fluff), a Sandal Wood cleaner to get the morning off to a good start, a soothing after-shave balm, a Vitamin C serum to moisturise skin, and a revitalising cleansing gel to spark up your shower-session.

HG For Bros products range from R90 to R230 and can be ordered via or check out the HG For Bros Facebook page.

HG For Bros

HG For Bros

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