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Here’s Some Important Grooming Advice For 2015

In light of the new year with people setting resolutions and looking to change their lifestyles, Philips Men SA’s expert barber, Jabu Mmela, has provided some commentary on things men need to know about grooming.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a date or looking for a job, basic grooming is a task every guy needs to master. Showing up at dinner or an interview looking like a mess is stylish only if you’re a rock star.

When it comes to caring for the skin, men may not need skin care products with twenty steps and special powders, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need anything. Like anyone else, a guy gets dirty, oily and sweaty skin that can become dull, dry, irritated or blemished.

Since most men don’t wear makeup, a dull skin problem is always obvious, and it never looks good. If you’re one of those guys who don’t believe in soap, you’re only doing yourself a disservice. Splashing water on your face may remove a small amount of dirt, but it just spreads the rest around your skin. Of all the skin care tips for men that are out there, using a good cleanser is simply the most important.

Face wash

If you have oily, shiny skin, you may want to use an astringent to soak up extra oil from your pores, which can help fight blemishes. If you suffer from dry skin, try applying face lotion after washing to restore moisture and prevent flaky skin. But, if you shave, you can usually skip the astringent or lotion step if you use an aftershave. Aftershaves work as an astringent to close the pores after cutting all that facial hair, and they often contain moisturizers to prevent over drying from frequent shaving.

Men’s grooming should include any hair on the face as well as the top of the head. Facial hair tends to be tragically ignored. If you have sideburns, a mustache or a beard, this hair can be as prone to split ends and strays as the hair on your head. Brush out your mustache or beard, and look for split ends. Trim these off the same way you would if they were on your head. Coax stray hairs back into place, or think about trimming them to fit the shape of your mustache or beard.

Keeping your facial hair trimmed is the key to looking stylish instead of scruffy. Mustaches, beards and goatees should be cut and styled for an overall neat appearance. A mustache should be even on each side and the hairs should never curl into your mouth. A beard or goatee should have the hair pointing down, never up or out.


Men often have hair growing on, or out of, the ears and nose. These stray hairs may seem harmless, but they’re always noticeable. I like the Philips Ear and Nose hair trimmer because it doesn’t pull while trimming, guaranteed and is designed to prevent nicks or cuts.

Another thing to always trim are the mole hairs or hairs in any other awkward spots you may have, as close to the base as possible, and you’ll look even better.

There are definitely some clear rules here, but for the most part each man needs to discover what works best for him. He needs to express himself through his style choices, within some basic frameworks.

Most men know that their beard shapes can camouflage or detract from certain features on their face. It’s best to get a good form shaver that is able to trim and shape. It really gets those hard to achieve corners and man-scaping right. Some men were just meant to be clean-shaven, while others look dashing with a bit of facial hair.

A beard can enhance your facial features, but it can also have the opposite effect and highlight the features you were trying to hide. It is important to determine into which category you will fall. Begin by looking in the mirror and examining your chin. Is your chin large and dominant or do you have a weaker, more recessed chin? What is the shape of your face? You need to be sure your potential beard will complement your current hairstyle. A full beard will add width to the jaw line, so if you have a weaker jaw, a fuller beard will help balance your face.

Keep in mind however, that growing a beard becomes a commitment that will require time and patience to keep your beard looking its finest. Keep your beard trimmed regularly so it maintains its shape and always looks its best.

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1 Comment

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    January 27, 2015 at 11:06

    Is there any advice for blackhead removal?

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