Here’s How to Ensure Your Spending Doesn’t Go to Waste

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Here’s How to Ensure Your Spending Doesn’t Go to Waste

Rewards programs are everywhere these days, and one of the fastest growing programs for South Africans to reap the benefits from is the Legacy Lifestyle rewards program, which now has over 900,000 members! Their biggest benefit is that they’ve got such a huge range of partners that you don’t need to have a wallet-full of cards from everywhere else, if you’re not part of any rewards systems yet, then Legacy Lifestyle has so many bases covered you only need to sign up with them. Here are some of the biggest benefits of going with them!

  1. They have over 250 Partners

Considering their variety of partners, it’s incredibly easy to rack up a huge amount of rewards simply because whenever you make a purchase, there’s a pretty good chance you can get what you need from a Legacy Lifestyle partner and earn points. From dining, to fashion, to travel, and furniture, Legacy Lifestyle has partners in such a wide variety of industries and products that you could earn huge rewards just by adjusting the venues you buy from.

  1. Signing up isn’t a hassle

Their sign-up process is so quick and easy that getting started isn’t prohibitively painful. All you need to do is go to the Legacy Lifestyle website to complete your registration, and presto! You’re part of the club!

  1. You don’t even need your card

Carrying dozens of cards around in case you pop in at one of the dozens of stores where you’re a member isn’t the most streamlined way of getting points on a reward system. Fortunately, with Legacy Lifestyle, not having your card on you isn’t a deal-breaker. You can just enter your mobile number into the card machine after you pay to earn your points, and you can also use your mobile number and your 5-digit pin to spend your Lifestyle Rands (1 Lifestyle Rand = 1 South African Rand). No more bulky wallets – just rewards all the time.

  1. They’ve only got high quality partners

Not just anyone gets into the Legacy Lifestyle circle – they’re strict about putting all aspiring Legacy Lifestyle Partners through a strict vetting process before they’re signed up. This means you get access to some of the best brands and stores in the country, like Cross Trainer, Samsung, Ben Sherman, Dis-Chem, Marshall Music, and many more leaders in their areas. You’ll have no shortage of amazing places to both earn and spend your points at!

  1. You get access to frequent exclusive promotions

Earning and spending your points isn’t all that there is to the Legacy Lifestyle membership, either – their promotions are impressive, too. They’ve got frequent promotions across their different partner categories for members to take advantage of, from discounts on specific products to limited edition vouchers at unbeatable prices are up for grabs by being a member.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your monthly spending go further there’s no better one-stop solution than Legacy Lifestyle. Simply sign up here and start immediately reaping the rewards!

Don’t miss out on the Legacy Lifestyle Rewards programme! Reward yourself here!

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