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Comic Warehouse is Joburg’s Must-Visit Geek Culture Haven

Comic Warehouse

A one-stop playground for all your inner-geek needs!

Hobby stores have become more popular in South Africa – but they need all the support that they can get; so if you’re into comic books, board games, or any other general geek interests, then there’s a new place to check out (especially for those on the East Rand of Joburg): Comic Warehouse!

Paraphrasing the founders’ own words, the warehouse-sized destination was created on the love ‘comics and cartoons, movies and monsters’ – so if those are interests of yours, their venue is definitely a place to check out.

Selling everything from comic-books and figurines to collectables and merch, Comic Warehouse is a home for all things in and around geek culture, even having some great pieces of movie and superhero memorabilia on the show floor.

So, if you need to grab the latest issue of your favourite comic run? Have some birthday money burning a hole in your pocket and want an amazing figure for your collection? Check out out Comic Warehouse on Facebook for some great geek culture content, or pop in to their store at 147 North Reef Road, Bedfordview to get a look at their epic stock!

Check out some pics below:

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