BOS Ice Tea Founder Launches New Craft Beer

A brand-new beer has hit the market to bring an interesting blend of European and African flavour.

Striped Horse is a new African craft beer by Grant Rushmere, the founder of BOS Ice Tea and Afro Coffee, along with entrepreneur and ex-game ranger, Charles Bertram.

The aim of the beer, which comes in both a Lager and Pilsner, is to combine “European expertise and African enthusiasm”

The Striped Horse Lager is described as “layered malt complexity combined with perfectly balanced hops to create a textured, yet easy drinking refreshment – the ultimate African thirst-quencher”, while the Pilsner is “the true queen of beers, both elegant and voluptuous. Its complex, hoppy nose, subtle citrus undertones and balanced bitterness on finish, make for the perfect food beer.”

Grant Rushmere is known as a successful entrepreneur, having launched both BOS Ice Tea and Afro Coffee. He sold Afro Coffee to Red Bull GmbH in 2007 and Sir Alex Ferguson became a personal investor in BOS Ice Tea.

Striped Horse beer

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