Bodytec Helps Turn Your Weekly Gym Routine into a 20 Minute Workout

Strapped for time? Bodytec can help you squeeze your workout into pint-sized sessions!

You know the old adage – there are no shortcuts when it comes to health and fitness. If you want to in shape, then you’ve got to put in the time and effort to get there. Putting in the effort is one thing, but often the problem comes with finding the time to head to the gym several times a week. But, through the innovation of science and technology, there is a way for you to get all your strength training done in just 20 minutes a week.

Bodytec has studios scattered all over South Africa, but what makes Bodytec special is that the training at this unique gym is all done with EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) machines and is based on the same principles as the muscle stimulation machines used by physiotherapists.

This allows you to activate 90% of your muscles in one session rather than just focusing on legs, arms and chest on separate days. This also allows you to get better results from your training in a shorter period of time, and it can even be said that this form of training is more effective than the weight training you would do at gym. An added benefit is that it’s also great for people who are getting over injuries or looking for a low-impact way to exercise. By combining low impact exercises with the stimulation from the EMS electrodes Bodytec allows almost anyone to start strength training as the training is not painful or harmful to your body.

But having said that, Bodytec is not the easy way out! When you work out at their gyms you will train hard and you after your session you will feel pretty spent as if you’ve put in a good period in the gym. Clients are also encouraged to pair their Bodytec sessions with lots of cardio in the gym or outdoors to get the best results. Bodytec isn’t about cutting out effort it’s about getting results and about focusing your training time more effectively.

Another great feature of Bodytec is that it allows you to focus on your workout in a far more private environment than the gym down the road, for example. For each session, you get a qualified personal trainer for a one-on-one session, or with a partner if you choose to pair up with someone.

When you arrive at the studio for the first time you are given a freshly laundered all black workout suit to wear (it’s just a three quarter top and leggings) and you are then ‘strapped’ into the machine. Your trainer first applies water to all the ‘equipment’ you will wear during the workout and then fits you into a sleeveless jacket, arm bands, a bum band and leg bands to stimulate all the key muscles in your body. From there, you are connected to the machine and given a brief intro to the electric pulses. You are told to gauge how much your muscles can withstand and once you have each muscle group set it is time to get started.

Your training then leads you on a 20 minute workout of low impact exercise like squats, lunges, arm lifts, bicep curls, tummy tucks and more to get your muscles working – all without weights. The ‘feeling’ is similar to that of a resistance training session, but with a fair bit of added intensity. The results are clear, as after the session, one can feel a bit of stiffness and fatigue in muscle groups you wouldn’t normally use.

Bodytec offers a range of packages starting from about R975 per month but anyone can also go for a trial session at R195 per person. You can check out more on their website here.

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