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Most Expensive Whiskey In SA On Special For R2 Million

Because who needs a university fund anyway?

If you have a liking towards whiskey and around R2 million that you don’t know what spend it on, maybe limited edition Chivas’ Royal Salute Tribute to Honour whiskey will be up your alley.

Local retailer Makro has listed the uber-rare bottle of whiskey for the exorbitant amount, which is apparently still a special deal, considering that only 21 bottles were made.

“Tribute to Honour has been a labour of love and over forty-five years in the making,” said Colin Scott, the Master Blender. “The final product is so gloriously smooth and formidably powerful that it leaves you speechless. It is a whiskey that should be reserved for the most special of occasions and the most deserving of guests.”

The Tribute to Honour bottle features no fewer than 413 black and white diamonds, studded across the stopper, collar and sterling silver plinth of the bottle, while also featuring a replica of the Sword of State on the front of the bottle.

Credit to BusinessTech for the spot.

Chivas Royal Salute Tribute to Honour

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