Beginners Guide To Growing A Beard

Achieving that glorious beard is easy as following these easy steps…

Growing a beard is not as easy as letting your man-face-hair go wild and run rampant over your chin. There’s a fair bit of work and care that goes into getting your beard to look like you need it to, but thankfully, there’s some experts on the subject.

LA-based Baxter Finley barber Christian Olvera, known for his beard grooming and skills in all things manly, has delivered some tips that will undoubtedly benefit that hairy chinny-chin-chin of yours.

1. Have patience

“It’ll take most guys about a month to grow out a full beard,” said Olvera to GQ. The barber advises one to resist overshaping and cutting it too much in the early days. Wait till you can see what you’ve got going on and what you’re working with. That said, using a trimmer to make sure the hairs are all even in length is a needed grooming technique.

2. Accept the itch

While it feels like face-planting into a cactus while your beard begins growing out, the itching and prickly sensation subsides after a week, so stay tough. “It helps to brush the hair so everything grows in the same direction.”

3. Keep it clean

Just because you have a beard, doesn’t mean you can instantly become a dirty hippy. Wash that beard when you wash your hair – Olvera goes for twice a week. Try a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

4. Soften it up

Hair that’s supple lays flat and won’t scratch your girlfriend. Using a beard oil could help achieve the softness.

5. Avoid hard lines

Avoid a sudden shaved line in your beard. Let the hair grow naturally up to about an inch or two above your Adam’s apple, then allow it to fade using a few different settings on a trimmer.

6. Work with the shape of your face

A more square beard can help define your jawline. “Everyone should aim to trim in tighter on the cheeks and leave hair a little longer where a goatee would be,” said Olvera.

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