Are Designer Clothes For Men Still A Thing?

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Do men still care about high-end designer fashion?

There is no doubt that men’s fashion worldwide has changed dramatically as the clientele are shifting towards more streetwear and fewer business suits. The reports concluded that between the years 2012 and 2017, men’s suit sales have dropped by an estimate of $700 million in Europe alone. Forcing big fashion houses to reconsider their vision for what is chic to include a more rounded production for the men’s lifestyle. We’re talking about big names all of which present collections that cater to every lifestyle choice.

The fashion world is now packed with endless options for menswear, from designer brands with the likes of Tom Ford to Versace to Gucci to casual choices. But with so much offered comes the challenge for expensive high-end brands. Because why pay over $5,000 for a full three-piece suit when you can get it for less than $200? The logical argument had always been quality over quantity, but with the ever so evolving nature of fashion and the rollercoaster pace of our daily lives, the need for diverse outfits and personal closet collections have soared to a point where it became a matter of affordability. Designers have responded in different ways to overcome such an issue, where some labels have introduced a more affordable line parallel to their luxurious ones. While others have decided to stick to their price tags put up their game through extremely creative and new designs.

There are many factors which indicate that men’s fashion is on the rise and not planning to go away anytime soon:

Men fashion blogs

There are over 400 established men’s style blogs worldwide with thousands and thousands of daily visitors, and that is, of course, excluding YouTube-based channels. All of which communicates fashion and how men can reflect the latest trends in their daily attire. However, the content of such blogs surpasses fashion in the literal sense to incorporate lifestyle tips and hacks as well. With very catchy blog names to an even enticing content, men’s blogs present a go-to guide for men on how to interact, to making it big in the business world, and more importantly, how to dress the part. The highly competitive blogging world made it a lucrative target for fashion houses to employ bloggers and influencers to reach their targeted customers through product reviews, discount codes, and fashion shows invitations.

Healthy lifestyles

As awareness of the importance of sports for a healthy lifestyle increase by the minute, an increased interest in sportswear had to follow. What seemed first as a small-margin business venture for fashion houses, or limited market share for labels dedicated solely to activewear and utilities, had expanded to include all prospective buyers. The hyped demand for fashionable activewear by famous athletes and sports enthusiasts translated into the designers’ world desire to introduce fashion lines for it. This can be easily seen in even the high-end brands, where Prada and Versace activewear division had been warmly welcomed by men who still seek style while in desperate need of comfort during their workouts. And, nowadays, with the digital shopping option on the rise, you can easily feed into your love for designer clothes with that is just a click away. The rise of the sportswear industry had grabbed the attention of small businesses and aspiring designers to dive into this promising division of fashion.

Big name for big marketing campaigns

Celebrities have a big impact and value when it comes to painting a mental image of how a man would feel and look once he puts on that designer piece. Hence, the millions of dollars spent on advertisements showcasing some of the world’s most talked-about and loved male celebrities of all time. The list is endless and holds the biggest of names, such as Rami Malek and Boy George for Dior and David Beckham for Armani. But, if that star was the one and only James Bond then it would be all the wiser to seek the moment and might as well endorse the actor, like Daniel Craig for Tom Ford. It’s no secret that Tom Ford’s status and sales, as a fashion brand, had witnessed remarkable increase post the Spectre James Bond movie sequel. The effects of such movie had crossed into what is known as “fast-fashion” brands such as Zara and H&M, which, unlike high-end labels, started as casual and streetwear focused, lately resorted to introducing a formal/business line to cater for their clients’ needs.

Easy to get

The digital world had without a doubt added a bit of ease and comfort to our busy lives, especially the world of busy men. While it might be a hobby, most times even a passion, for women to shop, not all men have the luxury or patience to endure the hassle of finding the perfect fit and style. But as much as time had revolutionised human race, the way fashion is shopped had also been drastically changed. It's no longer time consuming or physically demanding to go shopping, the online options are endless. Not to mention that since international shipping had been offered, thank God for that, even the sky is no longer the limit to where anyone can get their garments from. Online malls, outlets, e-commerce websites and pages, designer labels, and big stores all offer online shopping carts with enticing shipping rate offers. Combine that with the fact that many designer websites offer the right fit, measurements, and hints for how to style any item of interest with other pieces from their line, men are no longer lost to create a look that reflects their passion and personality.

There is no longer any confusion about how fashion trends can be utilised by men’s fashion designers to attract and satisfy customers. As in today’s world, it’s about creating an entire lifestyle where any man with sensible fashion sense can choose from. And if the numbers are of any indication and the fact that more and more designer labels are rising every year, men’s fashion industry is nowhere near slow. While this particular domain in fashion comes third in line after women and kids wear, many bloggers and influencers have definitely succeeded to bring back the attention to men’s style.

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