A Beginners Guide To Growing Cannabis

Here’s how to get started growing your own cannabis!

If you have no clue about how to grow marajuana, then you have come to the right place. We’ll help to make your journey with growing weed as easy and simple and possible with this beginner’s guide. We will discuss the major and popular methods of growing – hydroponic, indoor and outdoor.

Your reasons for growing marajuana yourself may vary, but one of the benefits is that you’ll no longer need to buy your bud. This means, you can grow all of your own organic bud instead, and control the type of cannabis that you smoke. Cannabis is currently legal for private and personal cultivation and consumption in South Africa, so if you’ve got space (and want) to grow at home, it’s time to exercise your rights.

Cannabis Seeds

To begin this fulfilling and fun adventure, you will need to get your hands on some quality seeds. Luckily, you can do this quite easily as there are plenty of Cannabis seeds South Africa provides, and there are various ways to go about getting the right ones.

These are some of the strains that you can consider:

  • Sativas, for a high energetic euphoria kind of buzz that is wonderful if you want a creative boost or extra ‘oomph’ to get something done.
  • High CBD strains for medicinal benefits
  • Indicas to help you with insomnia or to simply chill out after a long day
  • High THC strains, just for the fun!

After you have chosen your seeds, we can then guide you onto the next most exciting part of your cannabis growth! Let’s get to the process of how to grow weed.

How to Grow Cannabis at Home

We will break down each method into a step-by-step guide for growing weed, this way you can choose one that is best for you and for your situation. Depending on weather conditions, soil conditions and privacy issues, you will be able to find a method that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and marijuana plant!

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Indoor marijuana growing is best for those who don’t have ideal weather conditions outside for their cannabis. A wet, cold climate that doesn’t get much sunshine is not a great setting for a thriving crop. Maryjane loves the sun, but extreme heat is also no good either.

You also don’t want your weed plants being destroyed by strong winds or hail storms, so an indoor grow is a safe option for anyone who might have these kinds of weather extremes!

Step 1 : Germinating your seeds – Simply place your seed in a wet piece of cotton, then place it in direct sunlight. Leave it for 3 – 7 days, and when it starts to shoot green, it’s ready to be put in soil!

Step 2: Set up your indoor grow environment – This part may seem intimidating, but it all comes down to your lighting. Set up a room with an LED lighting system and be sure to get an extractor fan. You can also simply buy an indoor grow tent if you want to minimize your use of space and effort.

Step 3: Planting your seed – Plant your seedlings just 1-2cms into the soil, and make sure it gets lots of light to spring up.

Step 4: Watering your plants – This is an easy process, just water your plants daily. You want to feel the moisture of the soil when you press your fingertips into the surface. It’s no train smash if you miss a day, but consistency pays off.

Step 5: Watching the cycles – Indoor growing is all about mimicking mother nature, and we do this by controlling light cycles. When your plant is vegetating (ie. growing leaves and the stem, but no bud) you will want to have 18 – 24 hours of light and 6 hours of dark. When you feel your plant has grown sufficiently to begin flowering (ie. buds start to grow) you can switch up the cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.

Step 6: Harvest and cure – Harvesting time comes when your plants have reached prime maturity, This is when the buds have formed, and are now quite compact. Chop the stems, then spend some time trimming off the excess leaves from the stems and buds.

Curating your weed is the process of drying the buds so that they are smokable. Hang a washing line system up in your grow room, and then place your stems on it. Leave them for 3 – 7 days, and watch them carefully – you don’t want to overcure the buds and affect their quality.

You will know they’re done by the texture, smell and look. If you’re unsure, simply snip some and smoke it to see for yourself.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Let’s learn about how to grow weed outside. This is probably the most uncomplicated method, however the success you have depends on the weather.

One way to assist your weed plants so they are not at the mercy of weather, is to place them in pot plants with fertilized PH balanced soil and place them on an open veranda. Otherwise, build a protective net or greenhouse over them to protect their growth.

Step 1 : Germinating your seeds – Same as for indoor growing, place the seed in wet cotton and wait for a sprout to pop out.

Step 2: Planting your seed – Same as for indoor growing, and whether you are using pot plants or simply placing the seeds directly into the earth, make sure they are only 1-2 cms deep.

Step 2: Watering your cannabis – Water daily, and keep the amount consistent. If there has been a lot of rain, then do not water. You don’t want to drown your cannabis plant. Water in the morning or early evening, but not during mid-day.

Step 3: Watching the cycles – Your plant will grow, and each phase will happen according to the seasons. When growing weed outdoors, the best time to grow your plants is in Spring and Summer, this minimizes the amount of time it will take for the flowering to begin and come to completion.

Step 4: Harvest and cure – This process remains the same throughout. Although, with outdoor growing, you can’t be as certain of when your plants are done. Use your intuition, and make sure that the buds seem compact and relatively firm to the touch.

Hydroponic Growing

If you’re new to the game, but want to dive head first into the deep end and have a hydroponic grow operation, then we have just the way! We will share how to grow pot hydroponically. You may be intimidated at first, but purchasing an indoor hydroponic grow tent will make life easy when it comes to growing your herbs.

Step 1: Germinating your seeds – First, begin with a piece of wet cotton. Place your seed in it, place in the sun, and wait for a sprout.

Step 2: Set up your hydroponic grow tent – Prepare the pot plants for your seed and make sure that you have all your tanks and mediums sorted out.

Step 3: Planting your seeds – This is where hydroponic growing gets different from the usual “place in the soil” narrative. You will instead be placing your sprouted seed into a piece of round foam, preferably 2-3 cm thick. Cut a slit in the foam, and place your seedling in it, with the root facing downward and the sprout coming out at the top. Then, put this sprout (in it’s foam bed) into a pot plant full of smooth round rocks, as this is the medium used for hydroponic growing as opposed to soil.

Step 4 : Watering your plants – Well, since the roots of your plants will be constantly in water, this part is tricky. Every 2 weeks, flush out the water in your main tank, and put new water into it. The ‘new’ water must be water that has been left for 2 weeks to sit in a second tank, and you must remember to add all of your nutrients to it when you replace the old water.

Step 5: Watch the cycles – Do your cycles of day and night for each phase, vegetating and flowering, mimic that of a normal indoor grow method.

Step 5: Harvest and cure – Follow the same method of waiting for prime maturity of the buds, and then cut the plant at it’s stems. Remove excess leaves, then hang the stems up to dry.

Lastly, smoke and enjoy!

Final Words on A Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis is something that will reward you daily, there is nothing like watching your hard work grow something incredible. You will learn a new understanding for cannabis, and it will deepen your enjoyment of it.

Now, with this guide, you know enough about how to grow cannabis to cultivate excellent cannabis plants!

Remember to choose a method that best suits your needs as a newbie grower.

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