3 Ways To Boost Your Weekend Sports Activity

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Casual or serious, there are some ways to raise the bar on your excersize activities.

Getting the most out of your sporting and excersize activities, whether it be a hard gym session or a casual Sunday touch rugby game, can lead to more enjoyment and better results week-in and week-out, but what are some key ways to take your sweat-session to the next level. 

Add explosive movements to your workout

Explosive movements that take a lot of energy challenge your strength, endurance and stamina simultaneously. Once you become more explosive, you’ll notice that you’ll actually start moving faster. Try adding things like burpees, box jumps, jumping knee tucks and power push-ups to your workout routine. It’ll build strength in the right places and allow your muscles to “explode” quicker.

Mix it up a little

Switching up your workout is essential to building endurance and stamina. According to Will Torres, a New York-based personal trainer and founder of the personal training studio, Willspace, the human body gets used to a workout after two weeks. So if you’re always running, start doing Muay Thai instead. Or if you’re an avid cyclist, change it up by running stairs. “You need to move the muscles in a different way so that you don’t develop overuse. Plus, it becomes more motivating,” he says. “It’s important to keep the mind guessing.”

Protect your muscles, boost your performance

Compression garments have gone from a luxury to somewhat of a necessity for athletes looking to get the best out of their performances. The reason for this is particularly for your muscles. The more a muscle moves or vibrates, the more energy it consumes, so compression garments aim to help apply pressure to muscles, and in turn, decrease muscle oscillation and therefore energy expenditure.

Not only can compression garments help your muscles work at the optimum level during the workout, but compression helps reduce muscle-damage post-excersize, so you won’t be hobbling into the office or lecture hall come Monday morning.

Athletics8 compression garments offer these benefits, and feature the F7 Comfortweave fabric, which allows for durability, cleanliness, compression, comfort, and serious stretching. So you can put your own box jumps to the test, or try knock some time off your recovery period before that next Sunday soccer session.

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