3 Epic Sales From the US to Take Advantage of This Month!

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Take advantage of these epic online sales from the USA and ship it to South Africa with no fuss using PostBox Courier.

Just because we’re in sunny SA doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of Christmas sale season in the US! That’s right, thanks to Postbox-Courier shopping overseas sales from the comfort of your couch here in South Africa just became a serious possibility! Offering affordable, express courier services to and from South Africa, with depots in the US, the UK, Hong Kong and even AustraliaPostBox Courier is officially the solution every international online shopping addict has been waiting for. Here are a few must-shop deals from the US to take advantage of in the coming weeks!

GameStop – Deal of the Week and Christmas sale


US gaming retailer GameStop have some epic exclusive deals, but we can access them thanks to Postbox Courier. Each week, GameStop is launching a Deal of the Week, and there are some great console and gaming bundle specials to capitalise on. So whether you’re looking for an Xbox One S, Playstation 4 Pro, or just some good prices on games, check out the GameStop deals now.

Best Buy – Daily Deals and Christmas Sale


Leading up to Christmas, BestBuy is doing a Deal of the Day, everyday, whereby certain items will be massively discounted for a limited time. There has been everything from TVs, to tech products, and LEGO items, and there’ll be new ones every day (so keep an eye on that).  Otherwise, BestBuy also has some massive Christmas specials currently going, offering some amazing sales on cellphones, drones, tablets… and basically everything (it is BestBuy after all).

Amazon – daily deals and Christmas deals


This holiday season Amazon is spoiling shoppers with a wide selection of daily deals (new deals are released every day!) and regular sale items so keep your eye on the site for fantastic offers to spoil yourself. We’re keen to get our hands on a copy of the Exploding Kittens boardgame at $16.99 (about R215). If games aren’t your thing then the AmazonBasics 13-Inch Felt Laptop Sleeveis also a winner of note at just $10.19 (about R135)! The most-backed project in Kickstarter history all the cards in this game feature illustrations by The Oatmeal. Shop the Amazon daily deals sale now.

While you’re shopping don’t forget to register on PostBox Courier so you’re ready to go when you find the deals of your dreams. Registering is FREE, quick and easy and once you’ve registered you’ll get your very own delivery address in the UK, Hong Kong, US and Australia. Then, when it comes time to shop all you need to do is have your goods delivered to your most appropriate address. If you’re shopping in America then deliver to your New York address. Once you’ve placed your order and your goods are on their way head back to the Postbox Courier website to submit a Parcel Pre-Alert. This just lets them know to expect your order so everything runs smoothly when getting it to you here in SA.

Some restrictions apply to certain types of commodities, but don’t worry, you can email if in doubt!


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