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Xbox 360 R.R.O.D repair guide for common errors

This guide will assist you in fixing some of the most common R.R.O.D errors.

The reason that the Xbox 360 is prone to the Red Ring is due to the lead free solder that was used between the motherboard and the CPU, GPU and Ram chips. Traditionally solder was made with lead as it was one of the main elements that gave the solder its high melting point and strength. In order to adhere to the European Union Mandate, Microsoft used lead free solder as it is poisonous and environmentally unfriendly. The heat produced mainly by the GPU is too high for the lead to withstand and slowly caused the processor pins to separate from the motherboard.

The common errors that that this solution is for are 0102, 1021, 1022, 0011, 0012, 0013, e74, e72. By following this guide I take no responsibility for any faults and damages that you may incur.

First thing is to apply the Xbox xperts xclamp replacement. It’s the most common fix that applies more pressure to the CPU and GPU die thereby creating better contact between the motherboard and the Processor units. It has quite a high success rate for consoles that have error codes relating to cold solder joints and pressure problems with the processors. Always apply this fix first as it is the most popular and is not difficult to do. There are many different methods of doing the fix but the best, most logical and successful method is the one by Xbox Experts. All it requires are a few nuts, screws, tape and thermal compound from your local pc store and you should find it quite easy. Just follow the guide and you should easily get on your way.

By using exactly 13 South African ten cent coins, I stuck them to the bottom of the dvd tray in alignment with the ram chips. When reassembled, the top part of the xbox will push onto the dvd tray creating enough pressure to the ram.

Apart from the GPU and CPU cold solder joints, the ram chips sitting next to the GPU are also problematic and form cold joints. A fix that I made myself for my Xenon 360 was to apply pressure to the top and bottom chips. By using a small heatsink from an old Pentium 4 pc of mine, I cut it to size so that it would just cover the two chips on the top and be stuck to the gpu heatsink so that it fitted perfectly.
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