What’s the Best Way to Move a Giant Rock? Here’s the Solution

Can Karate, athletes, or brute force budge a boulder?

The saying “moving mountains” is often used to describe achieving something borderline impossible, but what about actually moving mountains? Is this something that can be done?

A new ad campaign asks just that, and pits a Karate master, a group of burly footballers, and a wrecking ball against a huge boulder.

As you can probably guess, nothing does the job (but it is incredibly entertaining to watch). The ad itself comes from industrial company Atlas Copco, who have more than 140 years of experience with creating original and successful solutions to move mountains, literally.

To honour all the innovations and strong ideas put into these solutions, Atlas Copco have launched the Ideas Move Mountains campaign to encourage stronger collaboration with their customers. Through this, Atlas Copco will continue to find new ways of improving both the business and the innovations. Recent innovative examples include the rental system of nitrogen generators to help eliminate corrosion at a major Portuguese power plant.

To learn more about how to actually move mountains visit, where you can also test your underground skills in the mine quest.

Check out the video below (fun fact: the athletes in the film didn’t want to trick film any part so they attacked and hit with full force):

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