Massive UK Toy Shop Opening In South Africa

Cape Town is set to get a dose of playtime from the world’s oldest toy store line.

There’s a 10-year-old inside of all of us, desperate to get out, and when you walk into a store like Hamley’s, you’ll feel that more than ever.

The world’s oldest toy store chain is set to hit SA, as it’s been announced Hamley’s will open the first South African store in the V&A Waterfront, taking up approximately 1,000m2 of the available space in Kings Warehouse.

Hamley’s flagship store in London has been a cornerstone of tourism in the city, and the brand has since expanded to stores across Europe and Asia.

So what does it really mean? Well, it means that we’ll be getting our hands on some toys, games and models that we otherwise wouldn’t from some local stores, which is really exciting given what you come across in Hamley’s.



  1. James

    January 27, 2015 at 11:29

    This is hugely disappointing. Why can’t we develop our own toy mega store? We are doing this time and time again, we have the opportunity to create something new but instead we transplant an existing franchise in place. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was just a big name retailer but Hamley’s is a brand I associate with going to London in the winter and spending a day rifling through aisles of new gadgets to bring home to family members. For me that experience makes it magical that someone was thinking of you and brought you back a gift from Hamley’s. That will be sort of ruined because some agency thought it would be a good idea to bring something “new” into the country instead of creating something new. You can transplant the magic of Hamley’s in to South Africa. It’s the whole experience of walking up Oxford street and eventually getting to Regent street while it’s freezing cold, being wrapped up in scarves and jackets, soaking up London and seeing all the great old architecture. I can’t see it having the same appeal in Cape Town… Driving in the swelling heat, parking in the most expensive parking garages in South Africa, walking to the store and getting back in your car and going home…The reason why Hamley’s is so successful is because it is so fabulously British, it’s one of the things you have to do in London. Rant over.

    • Gary_G

      January 29, 2015 at 21:00


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