Here’s a Last-Gasp Second Chance at the Best Deals of the Month

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OneDayOnly’s AnotherDayOnly promo gives you a second shot at the very best deals this month!

Anyone who tells you “there’s no second chances in life” clearly has never played a video game, been a zombie, or capitalised on OneDayOnly’s AnotherDayOnly deals. Because, you see, OneDayOnly (those cool cats who deliver 24 hour limited specials) put together their best “never to be repeated” deals that went down throughout the month and give you another chance at them. So, yeah, they’re kind of repeated, but we’re aware of the hypocrisy and don’t mind, because they’re epic and you should be glad you’ve got a Round 2 to enjoy the specials on offer.

There are 53 deals available from 28-67% off on them, so there’s some pretty impressive discounts to enjoy. But, there’s a catch: you have to sell your soul to them. OK, we’re kidding, you don’t. There’s no catch. Just remember that they end at midnight.

We’ve rounded up 3 of our favourite deals below, but you can check out the full list of today’s specials HERE.

Mediabox OneDayOnly


Fidget OneDayOnly


Puma ignite OneDayOnly

Remember, if you want to keep up with OneDayOnly’s daily specials, the best thing is to subscribe to the newsletter. That way you’ll get a daily reminder of what’s on the site, so you can open and have a squizz alongside your morning coffee.

OneDayOnly is also giving away an epic KitchenAid prize valued at over R10,000. It’s pretty incredible. Find out how to enter¬†HERE.

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