Bear Grylls’ Advice On How To Survive A Fight

Adventurer, writer and television presenter Bear Grylls, one of the smartest men around, gives his views on how to handle hostile situations.

There’s no denying it – Bear Grylls is one tough dude. The iconic survivalist who has shown us how to overcome harsh environments and scenarios (as well as gross us out in the process) has become the poster-man for badassery in the new generation. But one must remember, Mr. Grylls is a tactful survivor and strategist, not a fighter.

Writing in a column in GQ UK, the 41-year-old gave his views on fighting and how to handle such a situation, which he surprisingly explained the following:

“As anyone who’s ever been in a fight will tell you: it isn’t like the movies. Real fights aren’t well choreographed and glamorous. People don’t receive a series of uppercuts and then stagger away with little more than a woozy head and a bleeding lip. Far from it.

“A real street or bar fight is short, ugly and incredibly violent. On average they last no longer than three seconds, and those seconds can result in life-altering systemic damage to a human being.

“Bottom line: you don’t want to be in a real fight, ever. So rule one: the best way to avoid being hurt, is to avoid getting involved in the first place. Don’t lower yourself to someone’s drunken level. Walk away. Or run if you have to. Remove your ego and live another day.”

Smart words from Grylls, but of course, there may be situations where you’re left with no choice – as in a self-defence scenario – what would Grylls do then?

“Many martial arts are impractical for everyday use, but Krav Maga is different. It is a self-defence system developed by the Israeli military. Trust me: those guys know how to handle themselves. It’s highly practical and focuses on real-world situations. It teaches you to avoid violence where possible, but also have a full complement of brutal – often pre-emptive – counter-attacking tactics at your disposal.”

Of course, the British adventurer also reminds everyone that fighting should be your last-resort, as your safety and survival must always come first.

“If someone demands your wallet, the chances are all they’re after is the money. Hand over the cash and get out of Dodge. Your pride might be wounded, but your body won’t be.”

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  1. jhb_boet

    July 8, 2015 at 18:30

    Good advice. What if it’s a fight against Kimbo Slice?

    • Jeremy Proome

      July 8, 2015 at 18:32

      I think you curl up into a ball and cry.

      • James

        July 9, 2015 at 11:24

        Best advice!

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