Vans Releases Skate-Inspired Surf Boot

Vans Surf Boot

Vans bring some of the street-culture to the seas!

Vans has always been huge amongst the skating and extreme sports communities, but as of late, they’ve made a resurgence into fashion and streetwear trends, too.

They’re using this renewed interest in the brand to branch out into products not only suited for skating, having recently introduced more lifestyle and even outdoor models to their expanding lineup. Not all of their attention is dedicated to landlocked sports, either – as we can see from their announcement of their Surf Boot.

Although the Surf Boot is for a sport that Vans traditionally isn’t known for, they’ve used a lot of cues from their famous slip-on and Old Skool models to make the Surf Boot an unmistakable Vans product.

The checkerboard pattern at the top of the boot is highly reminiscent of the brand’s now-iconic slip-ons that were once a punk rock and alt music scene staple. Rounding out the aesthetic throwbacks is the signature Vans Sidestripe running across the upper, taking a leaf out of the Old Skool’s book.

It’s constructed from materials that prioritise performance above all else, giving the Mid and Hi cut versions a skin-tight, high-grip sensation while in the water. The Mid cut is designed primarily for warm-water usage because it has inserted ports in the upper that allow for optimal water flow and temperature regulation.

The Hi switches all that up in favour of protecting the wearer from colder temperatures with its higher cut and rubber-dipped upper.

So for those who prefer their extreme sports in the depths of our oceans rather than in the middle of a half-pipe, Vans’ Surf Boot is a worthy consideration when it comes to footwear choice in the water.

The Vans Surf Boot is available now from selected retailers.

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