Puma One 19.1 Review – A Throwback to the Classics

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Does Puma’s next iteration of the One line deliver a winning shot?

While Puma has been making some huge strides with their Future range of football boots, the German sports brand veterans are still appealing to their old-school-loving, core audience with the Puma One – and while their new 19.1 line may look radical, the lime green entries offer a classic, true football boot experience that purists will love.

In terms of function, the Puma Ones are built for the player that wants great comfort and an intuitive touch in a light, fast package – something to cover the needs of all players in one boot, rather than having two different silos (speed or control). The Puma One 19.1 boot will give those players – whether it be on the football or rugby pitch – a well-rounded experience that should provide most players with the traction and comfort, with maybe the most minute compromise on direct speed, which isn’t a bad thing.

The tried-and-tested stud layout from the first iteration of the Puma One returns, bringing a combination of conical and blades, however, there is a slight change to one of the unique features of previous One iterations. The centre stud in the mid-foot has been switch from a reversed ‘V’ to a singular conical stud, allowing for more traction and stability during turns, rather than aggressive acceleration. The stud height is slightly higher than some other boots, giving you a slightly elevated feel which will bode well on thicker grass, but it is marginal.

The general fit of the Puma One 19.1 is incredibly soft, but while the EvoKnit collar does help make wearing the boots feel sock-like, the synthetic upper does have a bit of stiffness to it, which does become a little softer during play. It’s more down to personal preference, but you definitely get a bit more support in the toe-box and upper area to handle a bit of attrition during soccer or rugby games.

For fans who loved Puma’s EvoPower and EvoSpeed line, the Puma One 19.1 is edging closer to what those boots offered, while also bringing a few new features to the table. Puma is doing a great job at providing a holistic boot that ticks all the boxes for dynamic players, rather than sitting in one element of the speed or control area, and the Puma One 19.1 is a great example of that.

Puma One boots are available in Puma Stores and selected retailers for R3,299.

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