Adidas Unveils Jaw-dropping ‘InFlight’ X Ghosted & Predator Models

Adidas Predator Inflight header

Adidas ghosts boot-lovers with their latest InFlight pack.

Adidas have been dramatically altering their football line in the past few seasons, with the Predator, Copa, Nemeziz, and X models all receiving notable upgrades and changes. The latest colourway batch, titled the InFlight pack, marks a dramatic change to the look and feel of just about all the boots, and these tweaks which will undoubtedly catch the eye of boot fans.

Adidas X Ghosted

Adidas X Ghosted+ laceless model

Adidas X Ghosted

Starting with Adidas’ speed boot, the new X Ghosted features a predominantly white colouring, with gold and black accents. The silhouette of the boot has changed from the previous Adidas X19.1 model, and now features a design which harks back to the F50 shape from the early 2000s.

The studs have also changed a bit, with the previous triangular studs on the X19.1 now swapped out for some rounded chevron-like studs.

Like previous X models, the Ghosted+ is a laceless variant, while the Ghosted

Predator 20+ ‘InFlight’

Adidas Predator 20+

Adidas Predator 20.1 low-cut

Like the X Ghosted model, the Predator sticks to the white, gold, and black colour-combo, but goes heavy on the gold and black. Barring the colourway, the latest Predator features the same tech specs as the previous model, with high-cut and low-cut models available, along with a laceless Predator 20+ version.

The Adidas InFlight pack will launch in September.

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