WWII Shooter ‘Battalion 1944’ Smashes Kickstarter Goal in 3 Days

Battalion 1944

Load up your M1 Garand, war is coming… again.

British developer Bulkhead Interactive’s World War II shooter Battalion 1944 made quite the splash when it was showcased on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter last week.

The team was asking fans to help fund their project, requiring a £100,000 to do so. Well, the fans have spoken, and Bulkhead Interactive achieved their admittedly large development budget within three days.

“We did it. Battalion 1944 is now confirmed to be fully in development for ‪Steam‬‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬ and‪ ‎PlayStation 4‬‬, bringing World War 2 into the next generation of video games! Thank you!”, said the developer in a Kickstarter update.

With the base target done, the campaign is now digging into stretch goals. The developers said they have “something awesome in the works which a lot of you have been asking for,” but won’t reveal what it is until it’s fully planned out. A horde mode? A single-player campaign? Whatever it turns out to be, they said that it will “push the authentic WW2 experience to even greater heights.”

Battalion 1944 has also made great leaps on Steam Greenlight, moving “overnight” from number 20 to number six on the list.

As of the time of writing, the funding is at £188,689 with 23 days to go, which is almost double the amount the initially set out the achieve.

We’re pretty excited to see how Battalion 1944 pans out.

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