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3 New Action-Packed Games & Whether You Should Buy Them or Not

WWE Battlegrounds PES 2021 Ghost Recon Breakpoint Red Patriot

We review the biggest games out there and whether you should be dedicating some time to them this month!

From big-name sequels to smaller indie titles, there have been some massively exciting and highly-anticipated games hitting shelves recently. We’ve got our hands on the biggest new games and put them through the ringer to give you everything you need to know about the current releases in one handy feature:

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

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What is it? Instead of another by-the-numbers wrestling game, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is an all-new, over the top, in-your-face arcade action brawler, allowing you to take control of your favourite WWE Superstars and Legends to battle it out in outlandish interactive environments.

Is it any good? WWE 2K Battlegrounds delivers a welcome refresh on the design, look, and feel of the WWE 2K franchise, which admittedly, was needing a revamp. The super-smooth and colourful animations are the highlight of the experience, with some truly cinematic moments during big finishers and explosive maneouvers that, while whacky, manage to capture the excitement and flamboyancy of the WWE experience. All the beloved match-types are there (Steel-cage, Royal Rumble, Tag-Team, etc), mixed in with an arsenal power-ups, which do make each match a fun and almost Mario Kart-like battle rather than straight-forward wrestling match. And while the move-set may be more limited than traditional WWE simulations, WWE 2K Battlegrounds provides something new and fun that’ll appeal to those friends getting together for a 4-way tag-team match.

PES 2021

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

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What is it? Instead of a fully-fledged new release, the new PES entry comes in the form of a 2021 seasonal update for PES 2020, and a more affordable and easily-acceessible one too.

Is it any good? PES 2021 does some tightening-up on the already-impressive foundation from PES 2020, and while the series has seen very slight improvements year-on-year, the 2021 patch is one of the best changes to date. Of course, the new kits look great (and that is the main draw), but there’s no doubt been some tweaks to the formula, with tighter shooting, some improved ball physics that really make it feel weightier and less ‘magnetic’, and some smoother animations. This all combines into as good of an experience as you would’ve got with a completely new release; so the way in which Konami have gone about delivering this update is well worth the money for footie fans craving the latest season sprinklings.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – Episode 3: Red Patriot

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

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What is it? The third major expansion for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which adds a whole lot of new content, missions, and a new class to the ever-improving Ubisoft release.

Is it any good? Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is one of those games that we’ve really enjoyed since launch. While it had some issues, they’ve been ironed out with some hefty patches, adding in the missing AI teammates, streamlining the missions, and removing bugs – making it one of the most enjoyable open-world tactical shooters around. Now, Ubisoft have expanded the game even more with the Red Patriot content package; which provides 10 new missions in which you take on one of Ghost Recon’s iconic baddies, Raven’s Rock. The missions themselves, while short, have some nice variety and bring in some new revenge elements into the story. A new class, Pathfinder, also mixes things up a bit, acting as scout who can spot enemies easier and utilise a tactical strike, which does add some fun. So, if you have the season pass, this is a no-brainer; but even if you don’t there’s enough here to warrent diving back into the world of Breakpoint.

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