Where Is The Cheapest Xbox One Pre-Order Price In SA?

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Which retailer is offering the most tempting Xbox One option? MenStuff looks at the various prices and deals on offer before the console drops locally.

The release of Xbox One in South Africa is now less than a month away, and in anticipation for Microsoft’s next-gen console to join the party in SA, we’ve decided to have a look at which retailer has the cheapest pre-order price.

Looking at various gaming and consumer electronic retailers, it looks as if many of the stores are doing a similar launch bundle, which includes the 500GB console, one controller and two games, however, some retailers are going for a more “vanilla” option to keep costs down.

The following stores include the standalone Xbox One console (and/or bundle). This is excluding the new Kinect camera.

Animeworx (R6,295)

Animeworx features the standard Xbox One console and controller with no games for R6,295, making it the cheapest option. That said, some may want a game in their package when buying their new console.

Xbox One console pre-order at Animeworx

Xbox One console pre-order at Animeworx

The other retailers (below) feature an Xbox console bundle which includes the 500GB console, one controller and two games – Forza Motorsport 5 and FIFA 15. BT Games, Takealot, Kalahari, Makro and Incredible Connection all feature this same bundle, albeit with slightly different prices.

  • Kalahari – R6,299.
  • Takealot – R6,299.
  • Makro – R6,299.
  • Incredible Connection – R6,299.90.
  • BT Games –  – R6,299.90.

So it’s basically going to come down to preference of which retailer you’re more familiar with and trust, and whether you want games included or not.

Xbox One console

Xbox One standalone console

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