WATCH: Prepare for Hell with Doom Eternal’s Demon-Ripping Launch Trailer

Doom Eternal is just a mere week away from its 20 March release date, and Bethesda and id Software are warming up demon-hunters by giving them a brand-new trailer showcasing the game in all its beautiful brutality.

Doom Eternal ups the ante of the already-crazy pace of the gameplay, introducing a grappling-hook shotgun, dodge move, flame belch attack, and a host of other weapons and tweaks to keep you killing faster and more frantically.

There’ll also be a full multiplayer component that allows players to control demons, each with unique powers and abilities, versus a slayer who is ‘fully loaded’ with all the skills from the single-player campaign.

2016’s Doom reboot was easily one of the best first-person shooters of the generation, so anyone who loves some fast-paced monster-killing should have the sequel on their radar.

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