The Last of Us Sequel Accidentally Confirmed By Naughty Dog

“Did I say that out-loud?”

2013’s survival-adventure game, The Last of Us, is easily one of the greatest games ever made. The haunting yet beautiful game from the team who brought us the Uncharted series hit it out of the park with their PS3 masterpiece, but with it being such a stellar standalone experience, we wondered if there would ever be a sequel.

Well, it appears there will be.

During a livestream of the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, Naughty Dog writer Josh Scherr said, “All the facial animation in the Uncharted series was led up by Eric [Baldwin, lead animator] here. All the facial animation in the Uncharted games and the first The Last of Us- uh, did I say the first The Last of Us? The first Last of Us. The Last of Us. The first Last of Us. The Last of Us was also keyframe animation.”

Baldwin couldn’t help but nervously laugh at this point while community strategist Eric Monacelli tried to stick to the script and get back to the conversation, quickly changing the subject to The Last of Us‘ Left Behind DLC.

While Baldwin could’ve been referring to the “first” The Last of Us, as in the PS3 version before it made the jump to PS4, it’s unlikely, as he could’ve easily clarified that.

Make of it what you will, but for all intensive purposes, it looks like The Last of Us 2 is in the works.

Check out the moment for yourself:

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