The Division: New Gameplay Features Shown in Latest Video

Take a closer-look at the world, guns, and missions of the highly-anticipated shooter, The Division.

2016 is already set to be an absolutely massive year for gaming, but one of the most interesting titles standing out is that of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft’s highly-ambitious online tactical shooter.

Ubisoft’s Massive studio, the developers behind the big release, recently held a closed alpha for the game on Xbox One, giving some dedicated community members the opportunity to try out the post-apocalyptic adventure, and some new details have been revealed through the gameplay videos.

Some of the gameplay clips include unique New York City buildings, including the iconic Madison Square Garden. Additionally, we received a new peek of the in-game map, which shows off icons such as Side Missions, Medical Missions, Medical Encounters and Tasks.

We also get a decent look at some of the weapons and upgrades available to the player, and it looks like The Division will have quite the arsenal for players to tinker with.

Ubisoft is teasing an announcement of some sort for today too, though it’s unclear what it is right now.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is slated to launch for the PS4, Xbox One and PC in March 2016.


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