Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer Tells You That You’re A “F*** Up”, And It’s Awesome

Sunset Overdrive

The awesomepocalypse is here…

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has to be one of the most unique and interesting games coming our way, and we now have now got a launch trailer to prepare us for the insanity that awaits in Insomniac’s new game.

Set in the fictional open world metropolis Sunset City in 2027, players control a fully customizable FizzCo employee who fights the OD’d, humans transformed into monsters after consuming an energy drink. Players wall-run and use zip-lines and grind rails to swiftly navigate Sunset City, and have a large weapon arsenal to use in action, and yes… it looks as crazy and awesome as it sounds.

Sunset Overdrive is set for release on 31 October.

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