Star Wars Battlefront Gets Massive Graphical Boost Thanks to PC Mod


Some tinkering has taken the visuals of Battlefront to a new galaxy.

DICE and EA’s massive Star Wars multiplayer shooter, Battlefront, has already been praised for it’s spiffy visuals, but some players feel that the game could’ve done with even more polish.

Amateur coder Martin Bergman, who previously worked as a QA and localisation tester at Activision, has implemented a graphical mod in to the game which makes the visuals pretty indistinguishable from a live-action shot.

News of the mod has picked up some steam on Reddit, but Bergman is still unsure whether he’ll release it to the public or not.

Bergman also previously worked on a version of the Toddyhancer tool for Grand Theft Auto 5.

We also got the chance to play Star Wars Battlefrontyou can read our thoughts here.

Check out the pics below:

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