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SA Developer Working on Duke Nukem 3D Remake

“Shake it, baby!”

Free Lives, the Cape Town-based team behind the uber-successful Broforce (seriously, play it), headed out to the tropical paradise of Bali to work on some new games – one of which being Super Duke Nukem HD, which is a stylised remake of the original classic, Duke Nukem 3D.

It’s described as an “unofficial, unasked-for remake”, which means that the Free Lives team doesn’t have the official license, but that hasn’t stopped devs from releasing creative love-letters to some of their favourite games of the past.

The game is still in early stages, but based on the initial footage which was shown off, it looks to be a fun, tongue-in-cheek appreciation of the iconic FPS, with moments of environmental destruction and points being awarded to the player based on how they dispatch of enemies.

Check out a glimpse of the game below:

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