Rugby World Cup 2015 Video Game – Details, Release Date Revealed

The RWC 2015 game is lining up to tackle our consoles and PCs later this year, and we’ve got some new details on the release…

The official Rugby World Cup 2015 game was announced last month, but beyond that not much is known about the title, however, we now have some new details thanks to a product page.

Posted on local online retailer Raru, the game is said to be launching on 4 September 2015, which would coincide with the opening of the tournament being held in England later this year.

Furthermore, there are some new features coming to the game. Here they are below:

We bring them:
Actual Rugby World Cup rules
Official content: rugby teams and players from the best teams in the World
Full, official statistics from OPTA: individual players, teams, match stats…
Local multiplayer for up to 4 players

Improvements over Rugby 15:
Gameplay – New dedicated tutorial mode
Refined specific sequences: mauls, rucks, lineouts… Tips to help players
Graphics – More fluid player movements, More stadiums
Audience waving flags
Artificial Intelligence – More realistic AI positioning

The World Cup Experience:
Official kits, players and jerseys from the most important teams in the rugby world
The game’s World Cup mode allows the player to jump in at any key moment of the RWC
Teams’ cinematic introduction before a game starts
Teams’ hymns before and during games
Cinematic outro (eg. Your team winning the Webb Ellis cup)

No mention of replays, online modes or how specific gameplay works (passing, tackling etc), but we’ll have to wait a little more before we see some more on that.

Rugby World Cup video game Raru

Rugby World Cup video game product page on Raru.

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  1. James

    July 13, 2015 at 19:27

    Already sounds a lot better than the last games!

  2. JaenR9

    July 14, 2015 at 11:33

    That is absolutely shocking!!! Audience waving flags as a new feature? What is this? A rugby game for those who still live in the 90s??

    • THOMO J 099

      July 14, 2015 at 23:23

      It seems as if they haven’t yet figured out that they are not the first people to make a rugby game. Rugby 15 looked so bad it could well have been made in the 70s let aalone 90s it really is a massive problem HB and Bigben have to look at games such as fifa and nba 2k and realise how far behind they are in gameplay graphics and general game modes available to compete with major sports games. And that should only be the first of their concerns.

  3. THOMO J 099

    July 14, 2015 at 23:28

    Just seems like they have put a rugby world cup template on Rugby 15 from on that information. Also a couple of lies in there I know for a fact South Africa 2nd best team in the world won’t be in the game as confirmed by the South Africa Rugby Union and likleyhood is that Australia (current 4th) and New Zealand (1st!) won’t be in it as well as all three are due to be in Tru Blu’s Rugby Challenge 3 set to come out in September as well. Dissapointed!

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