Rugby World Cup 2015 Video Game Being Announced Soon?

Rugby World Cup 2011 game

When should you expect some official news on the upcoming rugby video game heading our way this year?

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is less than six months away, and we’re yet to hear of the official game that we know is coming, but it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll have an announcement in the next few weeks.

As pointed out by rugby-gaming YouTuber TheScottishCannon, the 2011 Rugby World Cup game, developed by HB Studios, was announced on 6 April 2011 and released just before the World Cup itself which kicked off on 9 September 2011. This year, the World Cup commences on 18 September 2015, and if we look at a similar timeline of what happened in 2011, we should see the game being announced within the next two weeks – likely before 15 April.

It’s not a lot to go by, but the gap between announcement and release would make sense given the marketing plans that need to be put in place for the game, and given that HB Studios is a likely candidate to be making the game (it’s unconfirmed at this point), the developer and publisher could very-well follow the footsteps of the previous game’s announcement and release schedule.

We can only hope that the release is worthy of the wait, whatever the game is and whoever it’s made by. We expressed our hopes for the future of rugby gaming in a recent column.

More on the official Rugby World Cup 2015 game as we hear it.

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