Rugby League Live 3: Brand New Gameplay Screenshots Released

Rugby League Live 3 screenshot header

Fans of rugby games are deprived. There’s no denying that, but while while rugby union games arrive every odd year, there’s always one franchise you can rely on: Tru Blu and Big Ant Studio’s Rugby League Live series.

The beloved franchise is getting its latest entry, Rugby League Live 3, in June this year on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam, and the publisher has just released some first gameplay screenshots of the anticipated game.

Rugby League Live 3 includes the following features:

  • Improved Career mode and Be A Pro – take a Forward or a Back through the ranks of a U20 team into a full professional squad   
  • Vastly improved Instant Replay System including super slow-mo and user defined camera placement – get right into the action!   
  • Enhanced online play including filtering by locality and Online Tournaments   
  • Dynamic time of day lighting with full sun movement and weather system giving dusk to night progress and mid game rain   
  • All 2014/2015 rule changes, updates to current 2015 rosters and team uniforms.  
  • Over 100 teams from Rugby League competitions around the world including the NRL, Super League, Holden Cup, and many more  
  • New Experience System: Earn badges and experience both online and off to rise to the top of the leaderboards.   
  • FanHub Player Sharing – create your own players and teams and share them online across all supported platforms.   
  • Dynamic Tackling System: Fend and break tackle your way past multiple defenders and use the new dynamic Struggle and Drag system to burst over the line to score or alternatively drag them into touch.

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  1. Eben Hattingh

    May 17, 2015 at 21:19

    Happy to see a rugby game in development. The fact that it is Rugby League means it will just fail like its predecessors. Rugby League is not really popular in South Africa. Only 7 national club teams and it gets no coverage by SARU. Some great Rugby League players in the early days like Tiaan Strauss, but not enough people know anything about Rugby League in SA to make this popular to succeed, should do OK in Aus, NZ & UK. Buying this would be similar for the average South African gamer to MBL, NFL & NHL, alot of fun to play, but why don’t understand the specific sports’ ins and out. Still waiting for that perfect rugby game to be developed to rival the likes of FIFA, NBA, NFL etc…

    • Jeremy Proome

      May 18, 2015 at 12:30

      From what I understand, these Rugby League Live games have a pretty big following in Aus and NZ, making the sales look pretty good. It will undoubtedly be “unsuccessful” in SA, because it probably isn’t even on any of the distributor’s lists here (I will try find further info on that), but it should be worth ordering online. I agree though that SARU (or perhaps a new body to be formed) should push Rugby League in SA – we could definitely thrive in the code.

      As for the games, I really enjoyed Ruby League Live 2 – I still play it often. I would obviously love a great Union game, but it isn’t an option at the moment, so I tend to play RLL2 a fair bit. Some great gameplay mechanics that help capture the speed and dynamic of the real sport.

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