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Watch the First Official Gameplay for Rugby 18

Since the announcement of Rugby 18, we’ve had some screenshots and off-screen gameplay from E3, but now we finally have the first official trailer for the upcoming rugby title.

Released via the Rugby 18 Facebook page, the new trailer showcases the game’s stadiums, gameplay, and new features in action, including a brief yet revealing look at the game’s licensed teams.

Rugby 18 which Eko Software is said to have been working for more than two years, will feature the English Premiership Rugby and French Top 14 teams, players, and leagues, as well as many other “prestigious” licenses yet to be announced.

Rugby 18 simulates all the depth and breadth of rugby with tactical choices, different game phases and ability to learn and refine many technical skills,” says the press release. “Discipline must be air tight to control each moment of play, and whether or not to make a decisive breakthrough or a defensive stand; each situation will offer players a wide variety of outcomes.”

Benjamin Lalisse, Managing Director: “As a huge sports fan, being able to work on Rugby 18 is terrific. The team is working hard to reproduce everything that makes rugby unique as faithfully as possible. I hope sport fans will fully experience the intensity of the big matches and enjoy running their team.”

More than 2,000 rugby players from the 2017-2018 season will be represented in each of the game’s modes, including a management mode in which each player can build and develop his own team.

It’s also emerged that Ben Kay and Nic Mullins will be providing English commentary for the game.

Rugby 18 will launch in October for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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