Rugby 15 Gameplay Video Shows Full Match

Check out some unedited footage of Rugby 15, showing a full match and some new gameplay features.

Ahead of the release of Rugby 15 this week, a gameplay video showcasing a full match has been uploaded to YouTube.

The video comes from French Youtuber Rugby Gamer, who has previously uploaded other videos on the game.

The footage shows a match between two Pro D2 sides, Carcassonne and Aurillac, which was played on Playstation 3.

Apex Interactive, the distributor of the game in South Africa, previously announced that Rugby 15 will be releasing in SA on 21 November for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, and PC.

Check out our full hands-on preview of Rugby 15 and watch the video below:

The game will be the first next generation Rugby title from the Canadian-based studio, which previously created Rugby World Cup 2011 and Rugby 08.

“It’s literally a 100 percent new game,” said the game’s director Peter Garcin. “We reimagined and rebuilt the game with a multi-year plan in mind. We rebuilt the AI, even the way we approach AI, as well as a new control system, a completely different presentation even, and it plays very differently from any previous rugby game,”

In terms of game modes, the game will feature the fully licensed French Top 14, Pro D2, Aviva Premiership and Pro 12 competitions, but there will also be a “custom cup creator” which has a multitude of configuration options, as well as “other unlicensed competitions which represent other types of competitions that are common in rugby”.

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