Resistance 3 review

While the Resistance series seems to have partisan fans across the board, there’s no denying that the PS3 exclusive shooter has some classic charm through its historical sci-fi storyline and inventive weaponry; but does the third installment manage to pack that final punch needed to round up the trilogy?

The story kicks off 4 years after the events of Resistance 2, where you take control of a new protagonist, Joseph Capelli, who made his debut in the last entry, although I don’t delve into that to avoid spoilers. The Chimera have now taken over Earth and only small pockets of humans try to survive in harsh conditions across the globe. It’s discovered that the Chimera have created a machine over New York City that is freezing the planet in order to make Earth habitable for the Chimera. Joseph, along with Dr. Malikov, must travel across America to make a last stand against the Chimera and their machine in New York.

The story itself is the strongest of the whole series and makes a bold move away from the military-esque plot of previous games, into a more personal and relatable story. The relationship between Joseph and his family, along with witnessing the pain, anguish and despair the Chimera have caused provides a powerful and meaningful narrative throughout

The gameplay remains largely unchanged from previous installments, although the first-person shooting mechanics have been tightened up and tweaked in order to deliver one of the most visceral and satisfying experiences on the system. Shooting packs more punch than ever before as Chimera dismember, growl and collapse as bullets tear through them, while the movement and whole feel of the game feels more organic and natural with some really immersive moments.

Developer Insomniac have always prided themselves on the inventive weapons in their games, such as the Ratchet and Clank series, and this time they really come through on their promises. All the favourite weapons from the previous games, like the Bullseye and Auger, are back but this time have the ability to be upgraded with extensive use. The existing and alternate fires change and deliver even more damage and chaotic eye-candy this time around, and this adds a lot of variety to the combat.

The presentation and visuals have taken a huge step-up this time around as everything from the Chimera to the level design is flawlessly detailed and gorgeous. Amazing particle effects of dust, wind and flowing debris highlight every gun battle and the entire game has a beautiful shine to it. The little details, such as the hand-drawn enemy journals, are immaculately designed and really bring an authenticity to the story and world of Resistance.

The multiplayer component is also a highlight of Resistance 3, and although it’s been scaled back to 15 players (where Resistance 2 supported 60) the sci-fi weapons and specific pros and cons of the Chimera and human sides provides a relatively unique experience in the online arena. You won’t find the depth or longevity of Call of Duty or Battlefield here, but it’s something worth a try.

Resistance 3 manages to exceed all the expectations put forward by it’s predecessors by delivering a heart-stopping campaign, complete with a touching story which sums up the somber mood of the game. This is the best the series has to offer and if you’re slightly interested, pick it up because the fight against the Chimera is one worth joining the resistance for.


  • Compelling campaign
  • Co-op
  • Strong humanized story
  • Weapons


  • Some scenarios re-used

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