Remedy Addresses Quantum Break PC Problems

Remedy provide an update on the Quantum Break PC blunders.

Xbox One gamers are currently enjoying the brilliant time-bending shooter Quantum Break (which we also loved), but PC gamers aren’t having the same trouble-free time with Remedy’s new games.

PC gamers have highlighted frame rate stutters, crashes, and performance issues since the game’s launch, and in an extensive post on the game’s forums, Remedy has now acknowledged the problems with the release.

The studio has a solution for performance problems that occur after extended play sessions. It’s a simple one, too: close the game and reopen it. The developer says this is rare, but it is due to video memory fragmentation that happens over longer sessions.

As for the framerate issues, crashing, and criticised image quality, Remedy has said they’re working on an update to fix those issues, along with new customisable controls so that PC gamers can tinker with some things themselves.

One thing that won’t be changing is SLI and Crossfire support for Windows 10. Remedy says that implementation would have been “significant and out of scope” for this game.

You can read the entire post for more technical explanations. You can also check out our Quantum Break review for our perspective on the game.

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