New Batman Game in the Works, Suicide Squad Game Cancelled

The worst heroes ever get the thumbs-down.

A game based on DC’s Suicide Squad has long been in the works at Warner Bros. Montreal, but the studio has now reportedly shut-down the anti-hero project in order to shift focus onto a new Batman game.

According to Kotaku, Warner Bros. executives decided to axe the Suicide Squad game earlier this month after early version of the game failed to impress Warner Bros. management during greenlight meetings.

Even though the studio had been working on the Suicide Squad game for over 2 years, the project has now been scrapped and the team is moving onto the next Batman game – one which will focus on Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian Wayne.

There are no details on the rumoured Damian Wayne game, but it’s likely to follow after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, or be a new spin-off completely.


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