Modder Builds Xbox One/PS4 Superconsole Hybrid


While having both an Xbox One and PS4 sounds like a great idea, it can also be a bit of a pain. Constantly switching between the two, having them take up too much space, and the concept now that you have to take two consoles wherever you go can be a bit of a pain (for some lucky bastards). So, one clever modder has developed an Xbox One/PS4 hybrid console, so that you can have both Microsoft and Sony’s consoles in one neat box.

Created by notable modder EdsJunk, the XStation crams the two consoles into one chassis, but does so in a very smart and efficient way. For one, the resulting size is around the dimensions of the original Xbox One, rather than being a sticky-taped Frankenstein-esque monster of the two consoles.

Players can also switch between the Xbox One and PS4 on the fly, however, the XStation will put the other system to sleep, as only one HDMI output is shared between the two platforms.

Edjunk is the same fella who built the Playbook, which featured a PS4 case with a built-in display.

You can check out the XStation in action below:

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