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Mirrors Edge 2 Gets A Mysterious Teaser Image, Hints At New Name

Mirrors Edge 2

We get some teases of what’s to come in the sequel to Mirror’s Edge.

While we all wait with anticipation for some news on Mirror’s Edge 2 like a free-runner about to leap off a building, we finally have a new update on what to expect from the long-awaited sequel.

Our trusty sleuths on the NeoGAF forums initially spotted a new trademark for “Catalyst”, which looked tied to EA. Soon after the news hit the web, EA released the following image on the official Mirror’s Edge Twitter account:

This obviously confirms the link between the two, which makes us think that the Mirror’s Edge sequel may be called Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, as opposed to slapping the generic number on the end.

Further, it also suggests that the story will take a major turn, as a ‘catalyst’ would hint towards a big change. Will we see a coup of the oppressive authorities tracking down the runners from the first game? Only time will tell…

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