Metal Gear Solid Remake ‘Shadow Moses’ Teasing Something Big

Shadow Moses Metal Gear Solid

Prepare for a big reveal from the man behind the fan-made MGS remake.

Out of all the games that gamers would want a remake of, 1998’s Metal Gear Solid has to be on top of the list. Konami’s PlayStation masterpiece is one of the most influential releases the industry has ever seen, yet Konami has been quiet on the matter whether a re-release would ever happen.

Well, some clever fellow took it upon himself to make his own Metal Gear Solid using new technology, so to speak. Shadow Moses is an in-development project by Airam Hernandez, a part-time game designer and YouTuber, and by the looks of the first trailer, the game is anything but “amateur”.

The game is essentially a re-imagining of the original classic, using the Unreal Engine 4 with improved graphics. Shadow Moses has already developed a big fan following. However, the lead developer made it clear that Konami did not given them permission to work on the game, and may shut them down for doing so. So far, Konami has not done anything.

Following up his initial reveal (and all the hype surrounding it), Hernandez then tweeted from the Shadow Moses account, saying that a “huge announcement” was coming on 14 March 2016. A release date announcement? Confirming Konami’s involvement? We’ll have to see…

Whether this game gets cancelled or not, it just goes to show the impact MGS has made on fans. Making a game is no small task, as it requires tremendous talent, money, and time. Doing something like this just proves that the world just can’t get enough of MGS. However, what’s truly interesting is Konami’s silence on the matter.

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