Max Payne Getting a PS4 Remaster?

Max Payne 1

Hard-boiled crime hit making its way to Playstation 4 next year?

If you’ve been missing some bullet-time gunplay in recent times, you’ll be glad to know that the original Max Payne looks to be making a slow-motion dive onto Playstation 4, if an ESRB listing is to be believed, of course.

While not officially announced, it’s highly plausible that Remedy’s third-person crime shooter will arrive on PS4, as Sony just released eight PS2 games on its latest console, including Rogue Galaxy, Mark of Kri, Dark Cloud, and some Grand Theft Auto games.

Furthermore, these titles were leaked for PS4 ports via the PEGI ratings board, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the same happened with Max Payne.

The original Max Payne was released in 2001 and helped evolve the action genre by showcasing how Matrix-inspired bullet-time and dual-wielding could be implemented in third-person games. Two sequels, 2003’s Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, and Rockstar’s 2012 follow-up Max Payne 3, were released to great acclaim.

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