Killzone and Gears of War creative minds joining forces

Guerrilla Games co-founder ‘joins Cliff Bleszinski’s new studio’

Guerrilla Games co-founder Arjan Brussee will be the C.O.O. of Cliff Bleszinski’s new development studio, Bosskey Productions, according to a report.

Polygon has tracked down the Bosskey Productions business registry documents, listing two members of staff: Bleszinski as the chief executive officer and Brussee as the chief operating officer.

Brusee worked at Guerrilla Games for twenty years, helping launch the Killzone franchise back on the Playstation 2.

Former Epic Games developer and Gears of War designer Bleszinski is expected to unveil Bosskey Productions and his latest project this Tuesday (8 July).

Earlier this month he announced that he is “coming out of retirement to make video games again”, and told fans to watch out for more information soon.

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