Just Cause 3 Officially Revealed With Screenshots, Details

Everybody’s crazy agent/stuntman is back for another big adventure.

Avalanche Studios has officially announced Just Cause 3 for release in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Revealed in the latest issue of US mag Game Informer, the sequel is reported to be set in a fictional Mediterranean island with “vastly improved” parachute and grapple mechanics.

The first look at the game is included in a teaser video below, with more information promised in the GI magazine.

Avalanche has repeatedly teased work on Just Cause 3 over the last few years, though it has never outright confirmed the next game in the over-the-top action series.

According to the magazine, the open-world action sequel sees returning protagonist Rico Rodriguez battling an evil dictatorship in his home country.

Like previous games in the series, Rico’s best friends are a grapple mechanic that allows him to hook onto nearly any object, and a new wing suit that lets him free fall at extreme speed.

The title features a 400 square mile map covering three main areas, each of which will be explorable from the start. Rico can take command of Medici’s towns and use them to fast travel, hideout or save vehicles that can be called in as supply drops.

The series’ driving elements are also being tuned by several developers who used to work on the Burnout series.

There is currently no release date just yet.

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