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How Much Did Tony Hawk Make From His Pro Skater Games?

The Birdman made bank.

What Michael Jordan is to basketball, Tony Hawk is to skateboarding.

Hawk made a huge name for himself in the 90s and 00s thanks to his impressionable moments in the vert discipline of the sport, but a large part of that fa†me can also be directly attributed to the launch of his titular video game franchise: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Activision was the publisher behind the smash hit franchise that had 16 games across over a dozen platforms between 1999-2015 – not a bad return.

But, just how much did Tony Hawk earn from these games? Well, when he was quizzed in an interview recently he preferred not to go into too much detail, but he did give his interviewers a tidbit of information about his revenue from the game. There was an occasion where a representative met with him to give him good news about the sales numbers for his games and to give him his payout – which happened to be a cheque for $4 million.

So while we can’t know exactly what kind of revenue it generated during the franchise’s tenure, we can infer that he was getting those kinds of payouts every so often. Not too bad for just letting a game developer use your name and likeness!

Unfortunately for fans hoping to see a revival of the franchise, it’s highly unlikely since Activision own the rights and don’t have any intention to create more games. But, if you need your fix there’s a fan-made conversion mod called THUG Pro (Tony Hawk’s Underground Pro) available for Windows and Mac that can help you out; along with a new skating game called Session, which channels EA’s Skate franchise.

Watch the full interview with the legend himself below:

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