Gears Of War Heading To Xbox One?

Gears of War

Epic Games’ prized-shooter is set to get a second run on Xbox One.

If you’ve been lacking a little curb-stomping and chainsaws in your life, you’ll be glad to know that Epic Games’ genre-pushing shooter, Gears of War, is getting a remaster.

Well, that’s according to reports (via All Games Beta) claiming that a Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was spotted on a Brazilian ratings board.

The rumours suggest that the game would be a remaster of the original Gears of War, with chunky gore and all included.

Brink and Dirty Bomb developer Splash Damage is supposedly handling development, while animation studio Plastic Wax is on cut-scene duty.

It’s no secret that a new Gears of War game is in development to continue the franchise on the Xbox One, and the spruced-up edition is likely an attempt to get fans and non-fans alike back into the series.

More as we hear it…

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