Gaming Specials From Kalahari Kick-Off 2015

Kalahari delivers some gaming goodness to get you going this year…

Kalahari has discounted a large number of console and PC games to get January off to a good start.

The sale includes price-cuts of up to 60%, which leaves some pretty decent prices for some not-so-old games.

Some of the notable games in the sale include PS3’s God of War: Ascension, which is priced at R239.

There is also Asura’s Wrath on PS3 (R129), Dead Island: Riptide on PC (R239), Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on PS3 (R239), Little Big Planet on PS Vita (R119), Metro: Last Light complete edition on PC (R319), and the incredibly underrated Binary Domain on PS3 for R119.

There is also the Xbox 360 Ultimate Edition of Diablo 3, plus a wired chat headset, for only R399.

Check out the full gaming sale here.

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